Didactical Modules TLC 2020/2021

The TLC at the Faculty of Science has launched their new programme of didactic training modules for 2020-2021 aimed at teaching staff at the Faculty (Lecturer 3 and 4, PhD’s, teaching assistants and tutors). Depending on your role, some modules are compulsory and others are recommended. Try to plan them right before or just after you start teaching your courses in order for the training to be most effective.

If you have questions regarding which modules you should or want to follow, you can always contact us at tlc-training-science@uva.nl.

Module 1 | You as a teacher

What is your role and what responsibilities come with that role? How do you set a good atmosphere and make sure you make a good first impression?

Module 2A | A constructive and safe learning environment

How do you create safety in the classroom and how can you stimulate intrinsic motivation? How do you give clear instructions?

Module 2B | An inclusive learning environment

What is intersectionality and how does it play a role in your classroom? What makes it difficult to intervene as a teacher when a controversial comment is made? How can you invite yourself to start trying? How to react to controversial comments in the classroom, while including everyone?

Module 3 | Playing with authority

How do you address a student when something goes wrong? How do you make the group more active? Or get the attention when you want to give a plenary explanation?

Module 4 | Motivating your student(s)

How do you boost the competence of your students by getting them in the right mindset? How do you give feedback that inspires? How do you challenge students to think and find answers themselves?

Module 5 | Teaching students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

An Autism Spectrum Disorder is relatively common, and the chance is quite high that you will have one or more students in your class who have this diagnosis. How can you recognize possible difficulties in studying with ASD, and more importantly, how can you supervise these students in the best way?

Module 6A | Designing your class

How to use constructive alignment to design your class? How to get focus in your classes? How to create a good build-up in constructing knowledge? How to activate your students through your design?

Module 7 | Tailored supervision

How do you help your intern to reach the end deadline by creating a feasible project plan? How do you get your student to become more and more independent? And how can you adjust your supervision style to the needs of a student?

Module 8A | Mentoring conversations

What are your limits and referral options as a mentor? How to listen as a mentor? How to help an emotional student? How to give ownership to the student?

Do you need more information?

If you have questions regarding which modules you should or want to follow, you can always contact us at tlc-training-science@uva.nl.