Ways to Blend

Blended learning comes in different shapes and sizes. In the overview below we present different ‘ways to blend’. Click on the appropriate link to read more about the reasons why that particular blend might solve your didactical challenge, what tools you might use, and how we might help you.

Flipped classroom
Use instructional videos and other material to create more time for interaction and feedback during your lectures.

Formative assessments
Keep students on task by using formative assessments.

Feedback methods
Three ways for providing feedback: Peer feedback, Teacher-to-peer feedback and Automated feedback. Learn more about these feedback methods.

Record short videos to explain a difficult concept, demonstrate the use of software, or discuss an exam.

Interactive & adaptive course material
Use online modules to engage students and offer study material in a personalised learning trajectory.

Remedial teaching
Providing remedial modules on a curriculum level between courses can help students with different backgrounds to make a good start at the beginning of a new course.

Methods to enhance interaction in the classroom
Improve readability of formulas on the white board while facing your students and use quizzes to enhance interaction.