Online student interaction

Canvas Discussions, Groups and Conferences

There are several ways in Canvas in which you can improve students interaction:

You can use Canvas for:

  • Using Canvas Groups users can collaborate, share, and discuss. Students can create their own group or you can create a group for you and your co-teachers in the course. You can share files, discuss asynchronously or live, and collaborate on documents Integrated tools like Google Docs group learning more productive and help minimize the obstacles of distance and time. Groups can also have their own Events in the Calendar.
  • Canvas Discussions help you to engage learners in both broad and deep discussions by making navigation easy, allowing threaded views, and adding the human element through easy multimedia. Discussions can also be assessed with outcome-aligned rubrics.
  • With real-time audio, video, and whiteboard capabilities, the Canvas Conferences tool will help you stay connected to your students. For fully online and blended courses alike, web conferencing enables group collaboration, office hours, and real-time presentations.

How to get access?

You can login with your UvAnetid and password here.


PeerWise allows learners to write their own multiple choice questions (with answers and explanations) related to course material and submit them to a repository, which can be restricted to their class group. Questions can include text, equations, chemical formulae and images. Students also answer questions submitted by their peers and can evaluate them and comment on them.

You can use PeerWise for:

  • Allow students to create their own multiple choice questions and letting peers answer them.

How to get access?

Please contact us here for more details.