Learning Management System: Canvas

Canvas is the digital learning environment of the UvA. You can give students access to course details and course content. Canvas allows you to provide assessments online, with online grading and multiple feedback opportunities. It provides an online environment where you can organise discussions and online meetings but students can also organise themselves in groups. Canvas is flexible and easy to use. Apps, online assessments and collaboration tools are integrated and available for all teachers. With Canvas, your plans to make your course more interactive are viable and easy to consolidate.

You can use Canvas for

  • Providing students with study materials, course content, deadlines, a syllabus, etc.
  • Creating assignments, also with Turnitin.
  • Grading and giving feedback.
  • Create a remedial teaching course
  • Group discussions. You can create group discussions, graded or non-graded. This way you can let students collaborate on their work.
  • You can make announcements in your course. This way, every student who is enrolled in your course gets the latest information.
  • Through Canvas you can send students an email. This can be done by sending an email to a specific person or a group

How to get access?

You can login with your UvAnetid and password here.