Learning to Learn

To help students in their own learning process, Ilja Boor came up with the idea to develop explanations (short animated explanation videos) in which concepts and themes around self-directed education are explained to first-year students.

It’s on a meta-level, so for example an explanation about learning to learn; how do you deal with it when you start your studies? Or videos about metacognition and a healthy balance between your studies and your social life, how can you achieve that?

The videos were developed in a team of teachers who made the scripts and storyboards themselves.

What I really like about that is the fact that we also learned a lot from it as a teaching team. For example, we have to think carefully about our message, because you only have one and a half minute to finalize the concept.

She had not realized the positive effect on herself and her colleagues when she made the application.

I really wanted to make something for students but that we, as teachers, also learned so much I find really fantastic too. For example, we had a workshop script writing that was really helpful, and something very different from what we normally do.

The explanimations are currently being used in teaching and will be evaluated afterwards. The results of this will also be made available here. You can watch the finished explanimations below.

The text above was adapted and translated from here. Photo of Ilja Boor by Liesbeth Dingemans.