Explaining math in videos

Course Wiskunde 1A – 1C
Lecturer Jaap de Jonge
Context Basis math for physics students
Challenge Make students enthusiastic about mere basics
Intervention We made short videos, each of which about part of the content of a lecture
Evaluation Quite positive; points of criticism were mostly also points of praise
Related Topics Student activationInteractive & adaptive course material,

Interview with Jaap de Jonge

Can you tell something about your course before the innovation?
There wasn’t really a big issue I faced before the intervention, yet one should always strive for improvement.

What intervention was chosen?
We (Huub Rutjes and I) made short videos, each of which about part of the content of a lecture.

Did it solve the issue?
I considered it an improvement, because it served as a tool to grasp hard / important / laborious things in a way that is not possible in a regular lecture.

What was the students’ experience?
The students’ response was positive. The number of students who watched each video remained at a constant high level and the feedback given was generally very really positive; only the first videos were considered as a bit too long / slow.

Are you going to use it again?
I will definitely use the videos again. As it is quite laborious to make them, we are going to replace the worst of every four videos of last year by a new one, so as to renew the full set once every four years.

How much (extra) work did it cost you?
All in all, it (making about 25 videos with Huub Rutjes) cost me one full week, but I was paid for it. I think it has been a fruitful enterprise.

Do you recommend this approach to other lecturers?
I think it is a useful enrichment, so I recommend it, assuming one is aware of the time involved


Basistransformaties | 5092WI1C3Y from UvA Science on Vimeo.