Video Studio

The faculty of science has its own video studio (B1.48b) where you can create high quality videos. You can use available hardware such as an iPad to present your Powerpoint or PDF presentation, in combination with video and/or voice-recordings. The studio is built to be flexible, so you can also bring your own laptop and create, for example, a software tutorial with a voice-over. Watch the following promo to see a bit more about the possibilities.

Practical information

  • You can reserve the studio by sending an e-mail to Please be as specific as possible regarding your needs. If you just want to have a look and get a taste of the studio, you are also more than welcome – just let us know!
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  • Depending on your needs there might be some costs involved for technical support during the recording. The studio itself, however, is financially supported by the Education Service Centre so the costs for making a video are very low. Expect in the order of €30,- per studio hour.