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Instruction videos for basic chemistry and techniques

For many chemists, it is essential to develop good practical skills and therefore various practicals have been included in the regular chemistry curriculum. During the practical I teach, students learn the basic operations and techniques of the field. Learning these actions is a difficult and time-consuming process. This is partly because the students know little about the materials that are used and the actions to be performed have never been seen before. There are written descriptions (books with pictures) available of relevant materials, actions and techniques, but practice shows that they do not activate sufficiently. Students do not read enough, often due to lack of time. The result is that students often insufficiently prepare for a practical. The assistant will then spend a lot of time explaining the basis. This process can be simplified and accelerated by showing the students instructional videos about the actions and techniques to be performed.

During this project we will produce a series of instructional videos and implement them in the required preparation.


Second semester 17/18

Project leader / contact information

Tiddo Mooibroek / ​+31(0)205 25 72 08