Welcome to the website on Teaching, Learning and Innovation of the Faculty of Science. This website aims to provide teaching staff with inspiration and information on innovation in science education. We choose to initially focus on stimulating, funding and supporting Blended Learning initiatives.

This website gives an impression of different ‘ways to blend’ your education, illustrated by examples that are presented as ‘good practices’. In addition, you can find suggestions on what kind of blended solutions might be interesting for your course, depending on your educational challenge(s) and/or ambition to innovate.

It is always possible to make an appointment with us to brainstorm on a particular challenge, or for educational advice or technical support; please send an email to teaching-science@uva.nl and we’ll get back to you right away!


What else can you find on this site?

Read about some of the challenges you might encounter when teaching and how blended learning can address these issues. Go to Educational Topics.

Read about the different ways in which you can use blended learning and how you can implement them in your course. Go to Ways to Blend.

Read about the different digital tools you can use to blend your course. Technical support is available for most of these tools. Go to Tools.